Communications strategy
55 comms helps clients to engage with audiences in a rapidly changing media environment. What is interesting about your organisation? What's the best way to tell those interesting stories? And on what platforms should you engage audiences? Almost all organisations have a good story to tell. How it's told is the important factor. 55 comms uses insights gained from the highest level of experience in the media industry.

55 comms helps clients to produce content and to then publish that content on the most suitable platforms including company websites, social media and mainstream media. The advice is based on 55 comms' three key steps to transforming your audience engagement - a tailored assessment based on in-depth experience in planning, executing and analysing communications. 55 comms produces content plans for organisations and oversees publication on websites and social media.


Media and Performance Training

55 comms combines with Queensland's best acting tutors to deliver audience engagement workshops that concentrate on the theory and practice of successful messaging. 55 comms' Michael Crutcher and Ainsley Pavey are joined by leading actors and tutors Tanya Schneider and Zoe Houghton to take clients through the secrets to effective communication. The workshops provide clients with insights into the changing media industry along with Tanya and Zoe's practical exercises and insights to help to perform in front of audiences. Click here for more information.

Crisis communications
55 comms can advise and coordinate a client’s reaction in the case of unexpected issues. This advice is drawn from working at the highest level in the media industry, knowing exactly what steps need to be taken during challenging times. 55 comms offers 24-7 support to clients.

55 comms offers four separate, tailored presentations on elements of the media industry:

  • Australia's media industry and how it works 
  • Being newsworthy: how to make your story attractive to audiences
  • Talking to journalists: days in the lives of the agenda-setters
  • Crisis communications: What to expect when a business hits the headlines and, more importantly, how to be proactive rather than reactive.

Michael Crutcher and Scott Thompson deliver insightful and lively presentations. Their flagship presentation Australia's media industry and how it works is filled with the inner-workings of Queensland’s print and digital media, television and radio newsrooms. Michael and Scott have delivered the presentation to business leaders around the country and throughout Queensland. The presentation has also been booked by the boards of some of the nation's largest companies. The presentation includes Michael and Scott’s analysis of the trends and the future of an industry changing before the eyes of its stakeholders. All presentations are based on experience and anecdotes gained from the highest level of the industry.  Click here to make a booking. 

Reports and submissions
55 comms can deliver powerfully written and thoroughly researched documents including policy or application submissions for the public or private sector. 55 comms has experience at the highest levels of investigative journalism in Queensland. These skills easily transfer to the preparation of reports and submissions.